We provide
a betting platform
for your gaming skill!

Presale MN / PoS Our Informations

About Us

The world's first own game betting platform build on a Blockchain

Only Top Games

We implement the most played multiplayer games in our platform like League of Legends, Counterstrike Source, Counterstrike Global Offensive and Overwatch.

Secure & Reliable

Our Blockchain based betting platform gurantee satisfaction and security of decentralization

Automated Blockchain System

After the game is finished you will get the rewards immediately

A new era of Gaming has begun!


Before you start a game bet an amount on the game you want to play via our platform.


When the game is full you will get the invite key or the server address to join.


The platform will wait that all players who betted are joining on the specific Game-Server hosted by us.

For who is the platform?

- Amateur Gaming

- Professional Gaming Teams

- For people who have just fun to bet on Games

Our Informations

Blockchain enables the transfer of value across an accessible, standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible and scalable. The platform supports a variety of applications and ventures which accord a growing range of capabilities including:

Low Fees

You pay only fees while you place a bet. There are no withdrawal or deposit fees.

Saved on the Blockchain

Every game on the platform is saved on the Blockchain


100% decentralized. Online-League is unrelated to any official government and is not controled by any Central Bank

Fast & Secure

Reliable & Quick Transactions Fast, scalable, secure, and reliable transactions.

Our Games

We integrated the following multiplayer games in our online betting platform, more will follow.

Download our Wallet

Here you can download the latest version of our wallet for different platforms.

Roadmap / Progress

Here you can download the latest version of our wallet for different platforms.

Q2 - 2019

- Website Start RESOLVED

- Presale MN/PoS Start 10.5.2019 - 24.05.2019

after Presale listing on:

- Masternodes.online AFTER PRESALE

- Masternodes.pro AFTER PRESALE

- Masternode.live AFTER PRESALE


- Crypto-Bridge AFTER PRESALE


Q3 - 2019

- Bet System Platform Release

- Adding League of Legends

- Adding Overwatch

- MAC OS wallet

- Android wallet

- CoinMarketCap

- Light-paper

Q4 - 2019

- Adding Counter Strike GO

- Adding Counterstrike Source

Q1 - 2020

Soon more.


Online-League is a new secure anonymous cryptocurrency designed for online betting
Initially you can get OLC via Mining, PoS or Masternodes. You can buy OLC after listing on exchanges.
x11, the most efficient mining algorithm on the GPU unavailable for ASIC.
You can also get it without mining equipment if you are a MN owner. Instructions on how to create a MN will be available before their official start.
OLC Online is a payment and banking platform. Work on it begins with the launch of OLC. The beta version will be available a few days after the launch, full functionality expected in a few months.
For the mass consumer investing time and money in a new project, the issue of first exchange is very important. Immediately after the launch, we will contact several good exchanges. We will also take into account the opinion of the miners and investors.
We intend to give a quick answer to this question through our work.
Due to the nature of the work on OLC online, we will keep confidentiality for now. More information about team members will come with the release of the whitepaper. I can only mention that CEO is a person well-known in this field.